Ememoharpeewhat?? What the hell is an MMO??

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Let’s talk a little about the different types of games that we (in Tahadi Games) look at.  As an MMO publishing company, our focus will be games that are played online. What’s so special about this type of game?  Well, in a simple word it boils down to continuous revenue.  Compare this to how games used to be made and run as a business.

The old type of business model would be what we call “box sales.”  That is, a game development company spends millions of dollars to develop a game.  They spend a few million more to market and advertise their product.  To make all this up, they need to sell copies of the games–that is, a box with a cd installer in it.  Now there are several big problems with this model.



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Arabic Rappelz is probably my number one competitor.  Run by a company called Gamepower7 in Syria, it’s also a Korean MMORPG that has been localized into Arabic.  However, there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there.  So let me clear it up.  It’s not the first Arabic MMORPG.  That’s because Arabic Ragnarok Online (aRO) went beta all the way back in May 2008.  That’s just the fact of the matter.


Arabic Ragnarok Online

A Day in the Life of a GM

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Where my mornings begin--at dawn!

For those who are curious… here’s what GM Taanya’s day looks like.

It’s actually a really hectic schedule now that I think about it.  But meh… I love my job.   So I don’t really have much to complain about. ^^

530 am: wake up, make breakfast, quick shower…